dhcpd-pools  2.28
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_getopt_data Struct Reference

#include <getopt_int.h>

Public Attributes

int optind
int opterr
int optopt
char * optarg
int __initialized
char * __nextchar
enum __ord __ordering
int __posixly_correct
int __first_nonopt
int __last_nonopt

Member Data Documentation

int _getopt_data::__first_nonopt
int _getopt_data::__initialized

Referenced by _getopt_internal_r().

int _getopt_data::__last_nonopt
char* _getopt_data::__nextchar
enum __ord _getopt_data::__ordering
int _getopt_data::__posixly_correct

Referenced by _getopt_initialize().

char* _getopt_data::optarg
int _getopt_data::opterr
int _getopt_data::optind
int _getopt_data::optopt

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