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error.h File Reference
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#define _GL_ATTRIBUTE_FORMAT(spec)   /* empty */
#define _GL_ATTRIBUTE_SPEC_PRINTF   __printf__


void error (int __status, int __errnum, const char *__format,...) _GL_ATTRIBUTE_FORMAT((_GL_ATTRIBUTE_SPEC_PRINTF
void void error_at_line (int __status, int __errnum, const char *__fname, unsigned int __lineno, const char *__format,...) _GL_ATTRIBUTE_FORMAT((_GL_ATTRIBUTE_SPEC_PRINTF


void void void(* error_print_progname )(void)
unsigned int error_message_count
int error_one_per_line

Macro Definition Documentation


#define _GL_ATTRIBUTE_FORMAT (   spec)    /* empty */


#define _GL_ATTRIBUTE_SPEC_PRINTF   __printf__

Function Documentation

◆ error()

void error ( int  __status,
int  __errnum,
const char *  __format,

◆ error_at_line()

void void error_at_line ( int  __status,
int  __errnum,
const char *  __fname,
unsigned int  __lineno,
const char *  __format,

Variable Documentation

◆ error_message_count

unsigned int error_message_count

◆ error_one_per_line

int error_one_per_line

◆ error_print_progname

void void void(* error_print_progname) (void)

Referenced by error(), and error_at_line().